A Fool's Cartography

The first two photos were taken from the end of the Spit, and the last shot was taken from the perch. As you can see, the snowline is descending. Winter is icummen in*.

The mountain peeking out at you in the first photo sets between Poot Peak and Portlock Plateau. It has remained nameless on the maps - as many of the mountains around here have. I propose we name this one. I want to note it on my map. What do you suggest?

As an aside, Mt. McKinley (20,320 ft), that BIG hunk of rock north of here, was known as Denali ("Great One"), until a bit of legislation changed its name to honor a dead president of questionable genetics (I can say what I want, I'm related to the fool through my grandmother's blood). I guess this is just to say, let's leave dead people out of this. And rock singers, too. Thank you.

The mountain of grandeur in the final pic is Sadie Peak (4320 ft.).

* see Ezra Pound's Ancient Music

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