On Strings, Sages, Stockpiling & Essentials

Even the embrace of god comes with strings attached...just ask Noah or Moses. The place I am moving to is no different.

For example, Homer is a little bit removed. Just a little bit. The town has most of the basic amenities - there's a grocery store and a farmer's market...and a hardware store...and you can find a mechanic if you need one - but there are a few things missing; like underwear. It's just not to be had there.

"Stock up on underwear," say the Buddhas. Their voices hush, as if they are passing along a bit of sage advice or tribal wisdom.

It seems that if I run out of underwear it's going to be a 180 mile round trip to Kenai-Soldotna in order to replenish the stock. Other items I might want may require a 450 mile round trip to the city of Anchorage in order to obtain. Obviously, mail order and internet shopping are going to take on a whole new meaning.

I guess I'd best start planning and stockpiling a few things, but what else will I need ? What else will I not be able to readily secure there? What do I put on the list if the whispers have only been about underwear?

It is amusing what you can think of putting on such a list when you get down to it. Those not-too-distant moments of discovery - when I find out what I didn't consider - should prove even more amusing. What will I not foresee? I'm sure there will be some interesting lessons on distinguishing wants and needs.

So, given the situation, what would you stock up on? What could you just not do without? What are the essentials that come to mind?

Mull it over, and let me know.

And Happy Solstice to you.