The New View: Home

I'm back. I just returned from a round trip to Homer last night. I put 1,400 miles on the odometer, secured a place to live, and expedited a car load of goods in under 60 hours. I'm dog tired.

Finding a place to live in Homer proved to be an adventure. It was a quest. Many places had inconvenience clauses - being either too rustic, or too distant from basic needs. I know, it's always something - it's always a game of compromise - but some somethings are a bit bigger than others. I like my comforts, such as the convenience of running water. I think proximity to needs, and the costs of gasoline must also be considered in this day of age.

Downtown Homer sets above the spit (which is a world unto itself), and is nestled at the base of a range of bluffs. The main street extends in an easterly direction for about twenty miles, and then dwindles out completely, giving way to wilderness.

From one end of downtown proper, one can aspire to reach the top of the bluffs via the West Hill Road, and from the other end via the East Hill Road. Either road offers a series of serious, steep-graded switchbacks that go on for two to three miles before the summit is achieved. The switchbacks are white-knuckle hairpins that can only be negotiated at 15 to 20 mph even in the best of weather. Winter navigation of the roads seems unimaginable, but supposedly it is done.

I guess I'll get to find out firsthand, because at some point during the house-hunting expedition I found myself actually considering a place on the overlook, at the top of East End Hill Road - looking out on these views over Kachemak Bay and a spit in the ocean. It felt good. I just had to say yes, and so I did.

Admittedly, the pictures serve as an injustice; as photos always do (click to enlarge). It was a ubiquitous, gray, cloudy day-evening, and the photos only depict a piece of the panorama that goes on for miles in either direction. The first pic is taken coming out of my front door, and the second is from the roadway, just before turning into the driveway. Anyhow, it's what I have to share for now. Here's a glimpse. This is the new view. This is home.

- photos by The Fool