Mt. ReDoubt Earthquake Activity

Here are few alternative map perspectives of the recent earthquake activity that has occurred at the summit of Mt. ReDoubt.

The first map offers a different viewing angle of the map presented in the previous post, depicting the earthquake activity recorded at the summit of ReDoubt during the current cycle of eruptions (March 22 - April 2).

The second map goes back just a bit further in time, depicting the earthquake activity recorded at the summit for the past month (March 2 - April 2).

The color of a circle depicts the depth of the activity recorded, and the size of a circle represents the magnitude.

If you would like to generate your own maps of earthquake activity at Alaska volcanoes, or of volcano placements worldwide...just follow the links provided. These programs are a courtesy of the Alaska Volcano Observatory, the Global Volcanism Program, and Google Earth. You will need to have Google Earth installed on your computer first. These programs are very interactive. Data can be overlaid, and fine tuned using the sidebar options.

(click on maps to enlarge)