Mt. ReDoubt Update: 3/29 @ 8:30 p.m.

Anchorage International Airport was closed after yesterday's eruptions of Mt. ReDoubt. One of the three runways at the airport reopened this afternoon. Clean up at the airport continues, and the airport is expected to be in full operation again by Tuesday. Alaska Airlines alone has canceled 215 flights, affecting more than 10,000 passengers since the current cycle of eruptions started at ReDoubt on March 22.

There has been only low-level tremors at the volcano so far today. Seismic activity increased briefly, when a venting of gases and vapor sent a plume to 25,000 ft, but scientists are not counting it among the 18 eruptions of the past week.

The first map provided here shows the locations of volcanoes in Alaska. As noted in a previous post (see "Mt. Iliamna"), of the 162 active volcanoes noted in the United States, 90 of them are located in Alaska.

The second map depicts the earthquake activity in the Ring of Fire for the period of February 26 to March 27.

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