Mt. ReDoubt Update: 3/27 @ 10:00 p.m.

Activity at Mt. ReDoubt continues. There have been two more eruptions this evening. An eruption at 5:35 sent ash to 40,000 ft. Another eruption at 7:25 sent a plume to 51,000 ft. There have been 15 eruptions since last Sunday.

According to a Coast Guard press release, "The Coast Guard and the Alaska Dept. of Environmental Conservation are working cooperatively with Cook Inlet Pipe Line Company to assess the situation at Drift River.

Plans are moving forward to have Cook Inlet Spill Prevention and Response Inc. conduct soundings in the vicinity of the terminal's oil load-out platform to ensure vessel traffic can operate safely."

I have composed this map for readers to illustrate the relation of Mt. ReDoubt to the Drift River Terminal.

(click on map to enlarge)