Mt. ReDoubt Update: 3/26 @ 4:30 p.m.

Mt. ReDoubt erupted twice this morning. The first eruption occurred at 8:30, which sent a plume of ash and gas 30,000 ft into the air. The second eruption occurred at 9:24, which sent a plume 65,000 ft into the air.

Soon after the eruptions, seismic instruments detected a mudflow sent down the Drift River Valley. There is no word at this time whether or not Chevron's oil storage facility has withstood any damage.

The prevailing winds were not in our favor during these eruptions. At the present moment, ashfall is coming down in Homer, and it's a real mess. Face masks are the current vogue.

I am going to have to sign off now in order to secure the home front. I will try to update soon.

(click on photos to enlarge)

- photo of magnified ash particle by Pavel Izbekov & Jill Shipman, courtesy of AVO
- photo of ReDoubt's ash cloud taken this morning by Robert Cole of PenAir