Mt. ReDoubt from Clam Gulch

The Alaska Volcano Observatory lowered the aviation code for Mt. ReDoubt to yellow this past week. The aviation code was raised to orange in January due to an increase in earthquake activity - a sign of magma moving up through the earth.

Localized activity continues, with seismic disturbances, high gas emissions, and melting at the summit glacier. An eruption is still possible, and things could escalate from the current activity levels to an eruption in less than 24 hours, but scientists have determined that the magma beneath ReDoubt shows no signs of upward movement at this time. The change in the aviation code simply reflects that there is not enough evidence to continue with the immediate impending doom scenario, and states an admittance by the scientists that they just don't know what nature will do, or when.

These photos were taken yesterday when we drove out to Clam Gulch to do a bit of beachcombing (Clam Gulch is about 40 miles north of Homer). The photos give an idea of the current emission activity.

(click on photos to enlarge)