Local Color: The Old Inlet Bookshop

Andy, the proprietor of The Old Inlet Bookshop, is a second generation bibliophile, and he deals in used, rare, and out of print books. This is not your Barnes & Noble. Perhaps you might be looking for a rare, signed, first edition of Robert Lowell's The Mills of the Kavanaughs? Old medical books? Early Alaskan journals?

Andy is a great guy, with a fascinating mind, and I love his place. I have found some interesting books there that just had to go home with me, including: first editions of Ted Hughes' A Dancer to God: Tribute to T.S. Eliot, e e cummings' i: Six Nonlectures, and Dali & Halsman's Dali's Moustache.

This is what I look for in a bookstore. I'm sure glad it's part of the local color.