Iliamna & Redoubt

Mt. Iliamna (10,019 ft.), and Mt. Redoubt (10,197 ft) are both active, glacier-carved volcanoes. These two gargantuas are set in the Chigmit Mountains of the Aleutian Range, on the western side of Cook Inlet.

Mt. Iliamna maintains active fumaroles at about 9,000 feet, but there are no significant eruptions on record. Mt. Redoubt's last eruption occurred in 1989. At that time, Redoubt spewed a plume to 45,000 feet, and the ash covered an area of 7,700 square miles after it settled. Redoubt is the highest peak in the Aleutian Range.

To give you a bit of perspective with regard to the scale here - it should be noted that the mountains are about 50 miles away in the photos. Welcome to the Ring of Fire.

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