The Ring of Fire Meadery

Tasting Counter at the Ring of Fire Meadery


For many, the mention of mead conjures images of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, but its history goes much further back. The first known description of mead is found in the sacred Vedic hymns of the Rigveda (1700-1100 BC), and ancient Greece is also known to have thrived on this libation.

In its traditional form, mead is simply fermented honey, water, and yeast – but there are many variants distilled by adding fruits, berries, or spices. Each has a different name, too. For example, a mead that contains fruit is known as a melomel, and a mead made with apple wine is known as a cyser.

In addition to our local brewery and winery, Homer has an exceptional small commercial meadery – The Ring of Fire Meadery – which has become recognized internationally for their fine products. Most recently, the meadery garnered two silver medals, and a bronze at the 2008 International Mead Competition. They are certainly good at what they do. My personal favorites are the Dry Rasperberry Melomel, and the Augustine Apple Cyser.

So, tonight I raise a glass of local mead, and offer a toast to all. May you find your dreams, or may they find you.


My personal faves